Juan Rioseco

Associate Director

Juan has over 18 years’ experience as a wayfinding and information graphic designer specialised in transport and mobility. He started his career as a graphic designer and university lecturer in Santiago de Chile. After collaborating in passenger information projects in Latin America, he joined Steer in 2007.

At Steer, Juan has successfully led the design of information systems, wayfinding strategies and guidelines for pedestrians, cycling and transit environments across Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. He has been instrumental in the transformation of our Design for Movement team to a renowned design practice operating from our London, Toronto and Bogotá offices.

Juan leads the work Steer is undertaking for the City of Toronto in the implementation of the TO360 Wayfinding Strategy and continues working with local authorities, architects, developers and some of the largest transit agencies internationally.

Articles and insights by this expert

06 Mar 2017

The image of the city

Many cities have invested in the creation of map databases to support the delivery of wayfinding systems. But why would a city commit to such investment and effort, considering the availability of free mobile map services and widespread Open Data? 

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07 Apr 2014

Wayfinding masterclass

Universities face increased competition as they work to attract the world’s top students and academics. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, the expectations of students and their parents have grown in line with a shrinking pool of applicants and reductions in Government support.

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