Stephen D. Van Beek

Steve Van Beek

Stephen has over 20 years’ experience as an industry-leading specialist in aviation policy and business planning. He provides these services to airport authorities, commercial businesses, trade associations, and all levels of government. 

Stephen is leading consulting engagements on airport privatization and public-private partnerships (PPPs); assisting airport management with strategic, performance and succession planning; helping airports increase commercial revenues by improving parking strategy and yield management, and analysing public policy developments for airport boards and management.

At Steer, Stephen supports our global offer in aviation, including areas such as PPPs, policy and regulation and air traffic management.

Articles and insights by this expert

08 Sep 2020

The future of U.S. aviation policy series: The public to the rescue, but for how long?

COVID-19 continues to pose an existential threat to aviation globally and to the U.S industry. Less discussed, is that it has also brought forward questions about the sustainability of funding and today’s support of key parts of the system, including air traffic control and airports. Over the next few months, Steer will be discussing these issues and posing alternatives to address them.

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17 Sep 2018

Head of North American Aviation, Steve Van Beek, presents on land use strategies at airports

Steve Van Beek, PhD, Director and Head of North American Aviation, presented on land use strategies for airports in a webinar hosted by TRB (Transportation Research Board).

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08 Aug 2017

New funding & business options for US airports?

Improving the country’s ailing airports has made it into President Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, including a reform of America’s ever-aging air traffic control system. What funding and business options does this plan open up for airport executives and boards to upgrade their infrastructure and to improve aviation for the millions of people who use airports?

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16 Mar 2017

The view of aviation from airport CEOs

In recent years North American aviation has gone through many changes, making the jobs of airport CEOs challenging ones. In order to try to address these changes, CEOs must carefully consider how these changes affect their business planning. In an era of dynamically-changing needs of the commercial airline industry, most of the largest airports face a pressing need to update their infrastructure – whether it be airside, terminal, or landside.

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03 Feb 2017

New developments for US airport infrastructure? 2017 could be the year

Amid the tumultuous debates on border security, airport leaders may be forgiven for missing some good news — the growing consensus that new sources of capital are necessary to fund America's airports.

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